As reported in the February 2018 issue of The MUFON Journal, the USS Princeton, a guided missile cruiser sailing about 100 miles from San Diego detected unusual radar signals from an object in the region.  The signals were erratic and did not correspond to any known aircraft.  Two F/A-18s from the USS Nimitz were launched…

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Oval-shaped Object over British Naval Base

Case 104558: A resident of Portsmouth, UK, the witness was on his balcony overlooking greater Portsmouth, a major British naval base in the southern England.  At first, he noticed an object’s odd movement and assumed it was a small, civilian drone.  The witness took four photographs as it hovered motionless at an uncertain distance.  Suddenly,…

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Witness says UFO hovered near naval base

Jamul, California. Credit: Google A California witness at Jamul reported watching “a craft twice the size of an aircraft carrier” approach and hover near an air base for 18 minutes, according to testimony in Case 97227. The event occurred at 8:15 p.m. on August 29, 2018. “We live on a large, 250-acre ranch 25 miles…

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