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PictureWitness illustration. Credit: MUFON

A Texas witness at San Antonio reported watching triangular-shaped object “falling like a feather” that were “burning white,” according to testimony in Case 96065 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The events took place on July 9, 2018.

“I was looking at the southern sky,” the witness stated. “I turned around to look north and noticed three meteors falling they were falling like a feather. It was an angular fall. I began to wonder what it was. I was on my drive way. It was heading to the center of the city as it continued to fall. The tips of the triangle were burning hot, bright, white yellow. Just as I thought it was going to crash land it pulled up ventral side up. I noticed the pink burning atmosphere around the sides. It had three bright, green lights on its sides. It looked as large as a jet airliner. As it pulled up to avoid a crash it flew over the area it appeared to head to downtown area or a base. Following parallel to Fredricksburg Road. I did not hear a sound. There were no planes helicopters or jets before or after. It was a very quiet night. As I stood there focusing on it as it became more clear it was a triangle with big bright, green lights burning through the atmosphere just as I was losing sight over neighbors roof. I knew what I saw. My hairs all over rose up. My eyes opened wider and I said, ‘oh my God.’ No one was awake at the time or on the street.”

Texas MUFON Chief Investigator Ken Jordan closed this case as Information Only.


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