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UFOs and extraterrestrial life has been a subject of human fascination and a big mystery ever since we began to look towards the heavens. Some of the biggest UFO Sighting cases have gone on to become famous and very well known, such as the Roswell UFO cover up and the Phoenix lights.

But there are numerous reports of other strange UFO encounters that take place everyday that get hardly any attention at all. In fact all it takes is a quick search on Youtube and you can find endless real UFO videos.

This channel known as "Real UFO Sightings - I See UFOs” strives to bring you the most authentic and best UFO footage caught on tape from around the world.

The vast majority of the new UFO videos that we will be uploading to this channel are actually submitted to us by real people from our followers and subscribers of various social media platforms who want to get their footage of a UFO caught on camera out to the general public.

We can in no way guarantee that all new UFO sightings submitted to us by our subscribers is 100% real UFO footage, but we will do our best to sort and upload only the best UFO videos.

If you have footage of a real UFO caught on tape that you would like to submit to our channel or any kind of UFO disclosure, please leave us a message in the comments.

Together I believe we can make this channel the best UFO sightings channel on Youtube. And just maybe by providing the best UFO evidence we can prove once and for all... UFOs are real!

Thanks for watching our UFO videos and don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more UFO news and footage of UFOs caught on camera. And if you are already subscribed, make sure you click the bell and stay on the lookout for the latest UFO sightings daily.

Enjoy the new UFO Footage...

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