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Channel: The Moore Show  

Guest: Jeremy Finley


About the guest:
Chief investigative reporter for WSMV-TV in Nashville, Jeremy Finley's reporting has resulted in some of the highest honors in journalism. In the latter half, he talked about UFO research, and his two novels which riff on elements of the alien abduction mystery. The first book, he recounted, tells the story of the abduction of a US Senator's grandson, and how his grandmother returns to her roots as a UFO researcher in order to find him. The sequel takes place 15-years later, when the government and true believers realize that the abductions have not happened by chance, and a larger and darker threat is looming.

The character of the grandmother, he revealed, was inspired by his own mother-in-law who worked as a secretary for the pioneering ufologist and professor J. Allen Hynek. Finley spoke about his research into MUFON files and various aspects of the UFO abduction experience such as missing time (having no recollection of being taken). Though he completely differentiates his work as a journalist from his fiction writing, Finley considers the alien/UFO question to be one of the great mysteries of our time, and advocated keeping an open mind. "Don't dismiss someone...[as] crazy," he remarked, "just because they've had an experience they can't explain."
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