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As UFOs 'Arrive' In News, Here's The Most Recent U.S. 'Sighting'

Navy pilots are seeing UFOs at hypersonic speeds and Trump has been briefed on them. Here's the most recent sighting in the United States.

Virginia Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner wants answers on UFOs, whether it's "weather balloons, little green men, or something else entirely," Rachel Cohen, his spokeswoman, told CNN. And the Navy has drafted guidelines to allow pilots to report UFOs, and so that the military can track them, though the military branch prefers not to use the term "UFO."

"So, we don't actually use that term," Joseph Gradisher, a spokesman for the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, told Patch this week. "We use 'Unmanned Aerial System.'"
The term, shortened to UAS, refers to things like recreational flying drones people can buy at a store. For the "other" things, the Navy uses the term UAP, meaning "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon."
"We constitute anything unknown or unidentified in the airspace as an 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon,' no matter what it is," he said
The most recent tracked sighting was June 6 in Roseville, Minnesota, just east of Minneapolis and north of St. Paul. In that encounter — which lasted all of four seconds — a resident looked to the stars from a deck around 3:10 a.m. and asked the sky for answers.
"I talked really quiet out-loud saying, 'If there are any aliens up there please show me your space ship; do something,'" the person said, according to the incident report.
Sure enough, an object lit up for two seconds to the east and zoomed north, according to the account.
"I said, 'Thank you; please do it again,'" the person reported.
And roughly one minute later, the witness saw the same thing, this time to the northeast, and moving in the same direction. The person described it as "what people who see UFOs call a power-up," but noted it was for a very brief amount of time, almost as if "they only wanted me to see them." The light was described as being in an oval shape and located about a mile away.

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