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Location of Sighting: Geddala Halli, Sanjay Nagar Bangalore Karnataka-560094
Date of sighting: 27th Feb 2017
Time of sighting: 8:47 PM IST

View Clip of Color Changing Object (YouTube).
STILL IMAGE OF HOVERING <a  href=MULTICOLORED UFO EXTRACTED FROM VIDEO." class="wp-image-33295" srcset=" 600w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />

Description: Hi Team,
I have a UFO sighting video which was witnessed and recorded by me on my phone. It was hovering in the sky and the video is very clear. One can clearly see its maneuvering and light flips from red orange to green. The video details are below:

Screenshot from video is in attachment:

The reasons for my sending the report late:
1) I was not sure where I could share this video.
2) I had in my mind to share it but later had forgotten as I got busy.
3) Inspired by recent UFO documentaries seen on Netflix, I got to know that there is actually a team exiting somewhere who are actively working on these and might be interested in it.

Please reply back or call me for the complete video.

Note: The video clip does show the object changing colors. The object changed colors repeatedly between green and orange-red. Only a short clip is included in this report.

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