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UFO Landing in Macuspana, Tabasco on 2018-11-14 21:17:00 - The images of yesterday in new division of bayo located in cd.Pemex macuspana, residents observed some ships that fell in the foliage of the trees that are in the marshes of said rancheria you draw your conclusion. in spite of the intense rains we managed
1. watching the lights.
2.The neighbors told me.
3. that a transformer was burned, i finally realized that there were 3 ufos.
4.The lights were switched off and intermittently lit, as if trying to help the one on the grass.
5.The witnesses were afraid, and the atmosphere was very strange.
6. only they were, disappeared.

UFO Sighting in Montesano, Washington on 2018-11-29 10:04:00 - Found 1.02 mile wide triangular shaped possible ufo. on google earth.
I found a possible ufo on google earth 1.02 miles wide triangular shaped
i want 1 milllion dollars us finders fee.
looks like its been there awhile. i have a screen shot of it.

UFO Sighting in El Paso, Texas on 2017-05-18 20:10:00 - Star-like in appearance, the orb was a warm orange and white glowing object. no storms in area.
In may of 2017, i was standing in my driveway speaking with my son when i glanced up at the evening sky, commenting to him that i hated they had placed street lights in the area and it blocked out many of the stars. i pointed up in the sky and told him as an example i usually can see mars to the upper right of the moon. this night i was telling my son that i could see mars, but another light appeared to be situated beside it. just as he turned to look up at the sky, the star took off upward into the heavens and then took a hard turn to the right and disappeared. i spoke of this the next day and told my husband that i felt something was coming. a month later, my security camera was beeping an alert that there was an intruder in the backyard. i used the ipad to pull up the screen for the security camera located in the backyard and there was this ball of light that looked almost like fire sitting in the middle of the trees, but nothing was burning. i looked out the window and yep, there it was. i called my husband to make sure i wasn't hallucinating and he looked at his security app. and there it was. it moved up and down the middle of the backyard and then just disappeared. i could not sleep the rest of the night. am i mistaking that what happened is spooky? i asked my facebook friends if anyone knew what that ball of fire was to let me know. it is why i no longer go outside by myself at night. btw, a few days later i began to experience episodes of a "shadow" person. i was sitting in my den and was about to go to the kitchen when a tall thin dark figure passed from my kitchen door through to my garage. it turned, looked at me and kept walking. my dog who is very protective, and was standing beside me, let out a yelp and ran into another room whimpering. i picked up a skillet and followed where the entity went and found nothing. since that time i feel i am being watched, but by whom? i now live temporarily in orlando, and my security camera alerted me the other day that there was motion in my house, when i replayed the feed, no one was in the den. i am also having dreams or premonition that we are going to be invaded and for the first time have a disaster kit that i brought with me to florida. i can't seem to shake this feeling.
my only regret is that i did not buy the security feed for backyard, only front entrance. but somewhere nest has the feed if it can be recovered.

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