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UFO RETRO - NUFORC 1974 Audio Report #10 - UFO reports, UAP, National UFO eye witness recordings
UFO RETRO - NUFORC 1974 Audio Report #10 - UFO reports, UAP, National UFO eye witness recordings archive. Official UFO RETRO Tshirts, mugs, and ...


by Roger Marsh

A French witness at Burnhaupt le Bas reported watching a hovering silver sphere that quickly disappeared, according to testimony in Case 86596 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving on double-lane RN 83 toward Mulhouse at 8:02 p.m. on July 28, 2017. The testimony and investigator’s notes were translated from French with Google Translator.

“Suddenly I saw a huge silver or chrome sphere that was very polished (shiny) in the sky right in front of me,” the witness stated. “She appeared like that, suddenly. I immediately eliminated the possibility that it was a plane, a helicopter, a hot-air balloon or other. She was huge and was hovering. As the RN 83 is downhill at this point, the sphere was straight on the horizon in front of me, so no need to lift the head, and much larger than when I see the moon or the sun in the sky. I was at the same time on the phone and told my interlocutor, live. The sky had absolutely no clouds. I unlocked my iPhone, which was paused, wanted to take a picture, but it stubbornly refused to take it while my storage capacity is still great. I was stubborn and there, the photo button was gone from my screen Then, I wanted to take a video in speed because the sphere was deteriorated since my essay photo, like a hologram, which starting from its center, disappeared or disintegrated, and instead I saw the blue sky, as if the sky filled the sphere. Remained only as a pretty thick hoop (the thick contours of the sphere) and at the moment when I clicked to activate the video mode, the sphere disappeared instantaneously all at once, leaving only an immense azure sky, as before its appearance. Then, a few seconds later, I saw, but much farther and higher in the sky, a whitish and perfectly circular cloud, which at first was very distant, then came closer, but while staying far away. In no case could it be the moon because she was on the other side. I can easily take a picture of where I was if you want, maybe you can get a picture of its approximate size (huge).”

France MUFON National Director Pascal Fechner closed this case as an Unknown – Other. 


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MUFON - Cases of Interest Blog
PictureCropped and enlarged frame from witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

by Roger Marsh

The temperature was 15 degrees February 2, 2017 when a solid-looking, white ball of light moved above Fridley, Minnesota – a short, 15-minute drive north of downtown Minneapolis.

Two friends were standing outside saying goodbye when the object caught their attention. First a spec of light at a distance, the object quickly descended to an altitude just above 500 feet and at a distance away somewhere between 500 feet and one mile.

Despite the Hollywood-driven allure of UFOs in the classic disc shape or the more modern triangle-shaped objects, most reports of anomalous objects in the sky are a sphere shape like the Minnesota sighting closed as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) after an investigation by Investigator Stephen Hero.

Case 81872 was the only Minnesota case to be chosen as a Case of Interest for further study by MUFON in the recently-released book, UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition.

The witness in this case was able to videotape the object – a fairly boring capture as UFO videos go – as you see the white ball of light simply against a black background. The witness describes the object as moving into the Fridley area from the west and traveling southeast, turning north, then turning east, with a commonly-described left-right sway, and as in most UFO sightings, emitting no sound. And in 21 percent of the 241 cases cataloged for the book, a second UFO is seen by witnesses. In this event, a second sphere moved toward the first object during the sighting.

In a low, but steady stream of reports, the witness thinks about UFOs seconds before the sighting.

“I will start by saying the synchronicity in this was mind bending in its own,” the witness stated. “I was in the process of telling a friend of mine goodbye and we were outside smoking a cigarette and I was facing west looking at the Moon – what I am pretty sure is a faint Mars and a really bright Venus.”

The witness then noticed another bright object in the sky.

“I noticed what I thought was another bright star sitting a little to the north of Venus and it reminded me of the Chilean Navy UFO video. I said to her, ‘Hey, crazy news in the UFO community. And that’s when the ‘star’ sitting north of Mars began to rise. I announced to her basically, holy smokes, there is one now or else that’s a plane with no flashing lights.”

After watching the object a few seconds, the witness decided to run inside and grab his camera – a Sony HDR CX-330 handy cam.
“When I returned outside, the object was moving from the western sky towards a southeast direction and then turned towards the north and then started traveling east and continued until trees blocked my view of it. Towards the end of the video, the object appears to fly, but that is me filming up into the tree canopy. There are no leaves on the trees because it’s winter here so you could can see through them. That’s why it looks like its flashing. It was a solid object. Any flashing is because of filming through the trees. That’s the reason I had to quit filming. It was so low in the sky I was losing eye sight of it because of trees and structures.”

The witness believes the camera was not doing the best job of recording what was being seen.

“With the naked eye you could see an extremely shiny surface on what seemed to be a solid, round object, but the lights were so bright you can’t see it on the film. It made no sound at all and it’s hard to see in the video, but it would sway left and right at times. At about 14 seconds, you also see another light come into frame in the second clip, and then zoom towards the object. I do not know if it’s some sort of weird glare somehow or if it’s a shot of another object flying towards it. I did not see the second object at first when I was filming. The first clip is the object coming my direction. The second is because I had to re-position to get a shot above the tree cover that was behind me. So it’s a front view and back view, of a bright UFO.”

Minnesota MUFON Field Investigator Stephen Hero investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown UAV.

“The object first appeared as a small, bright, white speck – star-like,” Hero stated in his report. “As it came closer, it looked like a sphere, but still maintained a bright white color like a star. When I interviewed the witness by phone, he repeated almost exactly what he described in the narrative above. He emphasized that the object appeared to be a shiny, round sphere, and that it was a bright, white color. The object did not blink, and the bright color remained steady until the object disappeared. The steady white color of the object would rule out a plane because a plane has strobes and red and green navigation lights. Since the object changed directions, at least one of these should have been seen, so a conventional aircraft can be ruled out. Also, since it changed directions, anything carried by the wind can be ruled out. Weather was clear with a slight wind. Temperature approximately 15 degrees F. Witness seems quite credible. He appears to have basic knowledge of astronomy as can be evidenced above in his narrative. And he also seems to know a lot about UFOs. Correlating cases: #78480, August 13, 2016, St. Francis, MN; #76446, May 16, 2016, Redwing, MN; #78575, August 20, 2016, Burnsville, MN. The object does not fit with any man-made phenomenon. Therefore, I would classify it as Unknown.”

The witness provided two video clips with the report, which was filed on February 2, 2017. Fridley is a city in Anoka County, Minnesota, population 27,208.

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