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UFO Sighting in Selma, California on 2018-11-08 20:45:00 - I was driving home from school it was around 840 850 pm that’s when i saw a white flash in the sky then a streak like if it was move at light speeds
I was driving down the road going south. i noticed a white flash the caught my eye in sky. when i saw it i though would’ve been another space x launch but after i looked into it , it wasn’t. the object moved very fast maybe light speed up into the sky. i was shocked when i saw it i didn’t know what to think of it when i saw the streak and it disappear i knew it couldn’t be man made.I lost sight when it disappeared into the sky going south east.

UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Washington on 2013-10-28 18:30:00 - Red orbs possibly a single object
Me and my wife and daughter were walking up our driveway towards our home and our daughter said “hey mom there’s your ufo” my wife and i both looked up and over the garage roof towards the back yard. we saw these lights moving in the sky where normally there is only one light barely visible from a single home in the area. i believe it was a single object. the orbs have multiple lights that flash. i’m including a copy slowed down and filtered also.

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