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UFO Sighting in Exeter, England on 2018-11-13 18:40:00 - Bright white light moving westward over exeter.
18:40 - 13/11/18 - while driving along london road in a westward direction at 40mph, passing the lidl rdc and exeter airport, saw a bright white solid light out the left driver-side window approximately 50 degrees above the horizon. the light was moving westward at a constant velocity which was greater than the velocity of my vehicle. after 2 minutes of observing the light was too far away to see and obscured by trees and buildings.

airport traffic at the time appeared to be routed in a clockwise fashion. i saw a helicopter moving west-east over the lidl rdc. this appeared to be well below the altitude of the bright white light and moving in the opposite direction.

the location of the light was such that it could not have been takeoff traffic from exeter airport. given the velocity of the light relative to my car, it could not have been any known natural phenomena.

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