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UFO Sighting in Russellville, Missouri on 2003-03-18 00:00:00 - This happened the the earley 2000, listened to reports from sheriffs deputies on scanner
Not real sure of exact date but i know it was 2003 to 2005 believe early in the year. i listened to the event on scanner. report called in the dispatch before midnight and lasted several hours. i couldn't sleep so i was listening to the scanner when a report came in about strange lights near russellville missouri. deputies sent to the area thinking it was a hoax but quickly called in to dispatch asking for additional deputies to respond to the area. the dispatcher then ask the deputy if they actually seen the object. deputy responded that yes there is something there. ask dispatch to call whiteman air force base to see if they had anything in the area and was told they did not. object was followed by several deputies for several miles and they even observed that the object spooked a herd of cattle near russellville. not sure if reports of the incident can be found at the sheriffs office or not. should be there i would think. i wasn't much of a believer in this sort of thing until i listened to scanner that night. please don't use my name' i'm not a weirdo. i'm a business man in the area and have never wrote anything like this before but wish someone would check it out. it was never in the paper and no one at the sheriffs office has ever spoken about it. i knew the lady who used to work animal control for the county and seen her the next morning. she knew that sometimes i listened to the scanner. she ask me that morning if i got to hear all the excitement on the scanner from the night before. i told her i did and i could tell she was still shaken about it. i don't want contacted because of my not knowing exact dates and times and am afraid i wouldn't be much help but maybe an interview with the deputies on duty that night or maybe the dispatchers could be set up.

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