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Myself + 3 others were driving heading east on hwy 71 10 to 15 miles east of austin just past bergstrom afb. an array of lights appeared off to our right and seems to be parallel to our path moving slightly faster than our car. after a few miles, the object crossed over the highway and was the ahead and to our left. it then slowed down and as we overtook it, veered off further to our left and behind us and descended and seems to hover over the trees in the area. we turned the car around and headed back west on 71 until we were roughly south of it's position. we them proceeded down a dirt road that seem to be in the object's general direction. suddenly the object elevated and seemed to be directly in front of and very close to us. we immediately turned the car around and headed back to to 71 turned east and left probably going much faster than the speed limit. we called bergstrom afb the next day to report our sighting and were told there was no one to take the report but that they had no helicopter aircraft in the area the previous night.


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