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I will be brief but hear me out.
location rachel nv from 330pm july 19 to 7am july 20 2019
male age 65 no drug useage. amateur photographer
arrive black mail box 330pm july 19 2019

meet traveling tourist john army guy. states hes going to camp all night ,,,at 630pm he puts mountain army sticker on mail box i have a image of him and car.

9pm he spots a ufo flying over head,,i see it to, its moving fast,, i throw off my telephoto lens and refocus my 55 mm lens, lucky to get 3 shots off.... i get 3 shots of it.. it looks like a satellite but its very low,, i suspect it will come back in 90 minutes, it never returns. i have photographed the space station before and they usually maintain orbit and return in 90 minutes.

its 1159pm i am shooting images of the hwy 375 in the moon light trying to be artistic. when i get home i notice 3 sets of 6 lights faintly in my images about 5 miles in background... 4 pictures i took of that location.

its 1am and i see this massive green shooting star almost falling for 10 seconds straight down, it was almost of controlled fall. i said dam i wish i had a picture of that. i didnt think nothing of it,, since i didn't know i captured lights on my.

i said it didn't matter anyways i was out of battery power, but i am always fully charged before i left, i can shoot hundreds of photos, i only shot 167 that night

i tired to go to sleep,, i take a picture of my car and friends car around 1205,,am

i hate sleeping out in the desert,, i look over my friends car is there at 3am.... i than wake up at 7am 4 hours passed and i dont recall them,,,, no car, no him, no tracks going out,, and my tripod is still standing outside my car where i left it i only have one kidney so i am always peeing every couple of hours.. does this mean he just drove off,, or are all these incidents connected. i bet i could find the location of that meteor if i brought back the picture and guess a mated its location.

mufon,, i shoot raw and large jpeg at same time
also note its red flag days at nellis afb could have been helicopters.

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