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On aug 8 2019, i was at area 51 black mail box location. i was taking images of the sky with a 15 second time exposure. when out of the corner of my eye i noticed these two lights darting in and out. and finally a minute latter launch into a steady eastward direction, controlled and slow. i have 4 images as well as about 5 minutes of video. i don't think the video was able to transfer using this site,, because it just kept spinning. so if you need the video i have it. but the images will show change in color and proximity of crafts to each other. i don't think they are helicopters because they just were to close together. when they took off, they flew like regular aircraft as we know in a straight line headed east. so the video does off light sequence and a third light comes into view on there exit, but that might be a westward aircraft. but it appears out of no where. why isnt this stuff simple?????

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