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I was outside having a cigarette, watching for lightning, i noticed that two lights were ascending, one was brighter amd the other dimmer when objects reached a certain altitude they stopped. i thought the object (s) may have been helicopters, but they looked too odd. after these two objects stopped, more lights turned on in the sky, and another light appeared to come out of another one. they changed color from greenish blue, to bright white. these objects arranged into a pattern, and stayed in that pattern for about an hour. during this time they seemed to signal eachother with sequenced flashes that some of the others would repeat. i was really excited, as i am a ufo hunter, and stared in awe at what i was witnessing. my phone at the time was unable to take video, and hasn't been able to take video since, but i did get pictures. unfortunately after the hour was over, their lights just turned off and i didn't see anymore activity.

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