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My friend see's them first points them out time.
they were blue an red with a small white line down the middle.The first one we saw was a little
over house top level . we lived on the street behind the jell house in alma ga. my house
the water tower that's still there. the one came
up the street on the left side it got level to the street light on the right by the landery mat an moves across alined with the rite lines .As it moves over lights they go out. as it moves toward us the lights go out in my house an my dad cuses .Then it stops over the water tower. it starts moving right again. i tell my friend i'm going to follow it. i jump on my bike an follow it . when it gets to my nabbors that live behind us it crosses the street and stops over the back lot of the locul store. then it moves right again. the it stops over the side yard of the big white house that i
think still there. it had white gravel on the drive.The it lights up the ground from the left side to the right side in a cone shape. it was a very bright shade of pink. it does this for at least five minutes or more. then it takes off straight up an joins the second one about cloud level. then the two join the third in the upper atmosphere.Then one at a time they take off very fast at a 22 an a half degrees. as the light smers they all disapire at a single point in the south east sky.

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