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UFO Sighting in Arizona on 2018-11-21 23:30:00 - Saw an orbit light next to the moon hovering
It was a dark nights and there was a full moon out um i was outside taking a picture of the moon and there is this bright glowing orb full of color and it came out of my picture and i attached it's a ufo my god you guys have to catch on because i don't know what it was doing up there the object was just right there and it just went away on its own

UFO Sighting in Charles Town, West Virginia on 2018-07-08 12:49:00 - The object appeared to have reflection from the sun on its surface. it was stationary in the air.
I was riding with my parents to our destination alongside some flat land and barns in charlestown, wv. it was a clear blue sky and my mom noticed an object outside her passenger window. she said “what is that?”. i looked out and noticed what appeared to be an object in the distance. i at first thought it was a plane but soon realized it wasn’t. i pulled out my phone to take a video of it. my dad was driving and noticed it also. as i started recording my dad told me to zoom in on it. as i did, i realized it wasn’t a plane. i said “that aint no plane”. my mom agreed and told my dad “it isn’t moving”. the object looked like a missle /cigar shape (like a long ibuprofen with black mark in center) and whitish or silver in color. it was hovering stationary in the air. the whole event was about 45 seconds. i felt a strong sense of disbelief and immediate amazement as to what i seen. we lost sight of the object as we turned off an exit ramp. after arriving at our destination i was looking around for the object but couldn’t find it. throughout the afternoon i was thinking about it. also thought about it on the ride home later that day. neither i, nor my parents have ever seen anything like that before. my dad never was into ufo phenomenon but he openly admitted after seeing that, his eyes were opened.

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