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I woke up to open my curtains and start getting up because i had school at 6 am, i heard a quiet noise that sounded exactly like static, i thought it was my imagination scaring me because i woke up and it was dark, also no one of my family was up at that time, when i started hearing it louder i got scared so i tried to see what it was, suddenly it sounded like it was in front of me and there it was, something that looked like a disc which kind of changed it's shape to look less "big", it was getting smaller as how faster it was going, it wasn't standing still or anything, it was just traveling from east to west in a direct way while spinning on its own. the "ship" had some "beam" or "lights" on it that looked like a really neon bright cyan/blue but those exterior lights had no effect on any human material, by that i mean i couldn't see reflection or the color being reflected onto the grass/house/windows it was just a super bright light on its sides that made my eyes hurt and get irritated i think it was kind of a "weapon" or a defense so i couldn't see it more. after it passed by some sound kind of like those sci-fi movie high pitched screams was played and just after that moment lights went out, by that moment i thought i had been abducted because everything was black, not even the sun was up, it just called my attention due to a huge silver disc that blocked the moon light.

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