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UFO Sighting in Beaver, Utah on 2018-11-11 16:05:00 - It had two domes on it and what appeared to be tanks underneath.
There were military jets in that immediate area with two of them passing close to the ufo. military planes often practice (or other in that exact area). the planes did not pursue but were close enough to make eye contact and probably close enough to photograph. the ufo went into a sparse cloud and didn't come back out. i assume it disappeared. at no time did the military jets make any course change to get closer to it.

UFO Sighting in Twentynine Palms, California on 2018-11-12 05:10:00 - White egg shape with stobe lights moving from side top to other side bottom. moved slowly towards east
I was in my backyard facing north. it was a beautiful morning almost light. i observed the object slowly pass towards the east, i ran in the house get my camera but upon returning it was gone. oddest thing, it had stobe lights going from just below the top of it on the right side, which was the small of the egg shape, to almost the bottom of the left hand side of it. the lights were bright white in a strobe pattern.

i do want to state i live within 5 miles of a marine base, which is west of me.

i have had many experiences with seeing ufo's and uwo's. i tried to write you about the 1st close encounter i had in 1974 in orange county, california; but the letter came back opened closed shut with tape. i had a letter to a professor who you worked with, who did hypnotic regretion, i believe something more happened than what i saw, due to the night mares i continually experienced envolving ufo and aliens i could never see.

the letter was missing from the envelope and i was to scared to pursue it further.

UFO Sighting in Atlantic city, New Jersey on 2018-11-10 16:00:00 - We’re driving down new jersey parkway south from massachusetts heading towards atlantic city my nephew in the back passenger seat asked me what that was pointing to sky? i saw it just hovered there so i filmed it from front passenger seat
My nephew was looking out window from passenger side backside, he asked me what the object was on my side, right side. first i did a whole checklist in my head and when i couldn’t explain it . i started filming. it was bright like a star and shaped like a tic tac. it hovered in what looked like downward direction. it was there until we were to far away.

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