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UFO Sighting in Bebington, England on 2018-10-26 00:00:00 - Star like but when filmed and zoomed in can see it's no star
This light was stationary in the sky for at least an hour. i filmed it using my phone and zoomed in and it clearly shows something not normal. these types of things have been happening for months in this area. it seemed planes were redirected to have a look at it as planes where making unusual manoeuvres following where it had been appearing that evening. but the video was when it was stationary hovering in the sky for at least an hour.

UFO Sighting in Four Corners, Florida on 2018-10-26 22:26:00 - 3 black orbs
Lake anna is the start off point and next day is the descending. was able to picture when take off but not had the chance when descending. i was able to take a closer picture now, i can tell star or meteor is not a stalagmite crystals form. i am aware that lake anna has underground river connection all the way to st john river.

picture 1 to 3 are original.

5 is a close up.

UFO Sighting in Chester, Pennsylvania on 2018-10-30 17:09:00 - Blue white ball changing many directions and path fast and slow before disappearing into clouds
I was driving home from work on the m56 towards chester. the traffic work shad started to slow for a 50mph zone. the sky was starting to become dark but there were also large black clouds on the horizon. i looked to he right in what i believe would be the direction of the ici factory although i couldn’t quite see the factory yet. a very light blue, almost white blue ball was just believe the wavy cloud line that was just below the large black clouds. it moved from right to left slowly and then continued down at an angle slowly to hover for a couple of seconds mid way between the land and sky line. it then shit directly up externally fast and.Ae to a sudden stop below the cloud line. paused for a second then moved slowly to the right, then slowest back to the left before arching howard’s and at an angle i do the black clouds at a very fast rate. i lost sight of it after that. lasted about 12 seconds in total.

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