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UFO Sighting in Burnaby, British Columbia on 2018-09-29 06:43:00 - Small dark sphere floated in from the west did a slow turn right over head then went off to the west same way it came.
My brother and i where on the front porch having a cigarette, that’s when i noticed an object in the sky. it slowly came from the west and pretty much right above us before it slowly turned and went back the same way it came. the object made no sound, moved very slowly and gained no altitude as a balloon might. the flight path looked very slow smooth and deliberate. i slowly lost sight of it as it carried on its way out west. after the sighting i felt confused not being able to explain what i had seen. attached are three videos,i took at the time using my iphone. the second of which has video of a jet plane passing by the object maybe you can get some sort of reference using that video. also is attached two pictures i took in between videos 1 and 2.

UFO Sighting in Vancouver, Washington on 2018-09-28 20:26:00 - Bright ufo moved slowly from east to west then faded out
It was a very warm september evening. my girlfriend and i were sitting in our back yard enjoying looking at the stars. we saw several airplanes, a meteor and a couple of satellites. i had my luna optics ln-db60 hd digital, night vision binoculars with a recorder and was searching the sky and recording occasionally for practice. my girlfriend noticed a bright light in the sky and at first we thought it was an airplane. i started filming the object and noticed a couple of strange things. first it was moving a bit slower than the airplanes i had seen before and the light was brighter and steady (there was no flashing). it moved across the northern sky from west to east. about a minute later, the object started to fade out and completely disappeared. there was no sound to be heard.

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