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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2018-09-28 22:45:00 - Ufo spotted in cloudy night sky
We were in the living room about to take our toddler to bed when she looked out the window that faces south and indicated to us that she saw a star. being a very cloudy night, we looked, rather incredulous, and saw a bright starlike object hovering in front of the clouds. at first we thought it was simply a satellite, but we soon realized it wasn’t behaving as a satellite would. the object changed colours (and shape) frequently, and was very bright, but it didn’t move. we couldn’t seem to stop looking at it. we all ran upstairs to look at it from a back bedroom window, but visibility was better on the main floor, so we returned to the living room. i then quickly messaged my sister “ufo!”, but when i went to use facebook messenger again later, i was suddenly signed out of chat and the message i had written to her was gone.

at times i could make out very faint rings encircling the object that would then vanish; the best way i could describe them would be that they were like very thin smoke rings. my so couldn’t see the rings in the night’s sky. it began to make me feel sick to my stomach and very scared, and our toddler began crying, although we had tried to act normally so as not to frighten her. afterwards, i felt uneasy and nervous. then, the object seemed to flicker out of view suddenly, and before we knew it, it was just gone.

UFO Sighting in Ellensburg, Washington on 2018-09-28 19:39:00 - I first saw ufo's about 7:39pm when my day daughter saw them, multiple in the sky, changing direction, military on them from yakima training facility
Off umptanum rd, past durr on the right, is were i first noticed multiple ufo's. something fell from the sky while at my daughters group meet up with friends, she is willing to give a description, but tomorrow as she is shook up. what i was told that she saw a yellow object fall from the sky with her friends and other adults. she said that it fell in the viscinity of manashtash ridge. that is were i have seen ufo's tonight and as of 9:18 as of tonight i just witnessed 6 plains flying to the sight of were my daughter reported. i believe this is still ongoing as of now. you can contact me v-email

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