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Flashing orbs in the s.W. night sky. these have been there for the past year or more. no one can explain them, they are like led lightening and pulsate very brightly. no, they are not stars or planets. i think that they are a secret us / can. high ly intelligent space protection devices that are highly classified and that is precisely why no one has any answers to what they are these are in many different locations in the night sky evernight. right now there is two side by side, pulsating with very bright lights red/blue/white/green. not weather ballons/ swamp gas/ball lighting and or any other dumb stuff that some would like to make them out to be. oh its ok by me if you or someone wants to send the ass holes in black after me i understand. but i am seeing what i see, please try and find out what these lights are and get back to me with some kind of positive results. bull shit will not be acceptable. thank you for your time. if someone contacts me on this matter i also have a very important observation about this light., but i will only realize the info on them if someone contacts me personally. try me i have info that will blow this site wide open for further discussion. ron conacher.

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