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November 24 2017 6:14pm-6:15pm i saw a disc shape object with blue and white lights hovering decending from 300 meters down to 50 meters hovering above the tree. while i'm riding my motorcycle going to pick up my girlfriend in the other subdivision i saw this object hovering with blue and white lights on it. i thought i was just a air drone but when i reach the village gate i saw huge disc with flashing clockwise rotation synchronized motion. then before i reach the village gate i saw another one a bus shape with black windshields and flashing lights in both sides about 200-300 meters away from me north side and hovering just above the powerlines. i focus looking and following at the disc shape which is closer to me. we meet directly infront of the village gate and i stop for a few seconds and i clearly saw blue and white lights ball shape 10pcs. 5 neon blue lights and white bright light with electricy moving inside the glass ball like a plasma ball at high voltage. i try to focus looking at the white light but its too bright but i can see the electricty moving center of the glass ball flowing in the glass ball. then i just focus looking at the neon blue glass ball and i saw a plasma ball like at high voltage electricity glowing. i dont see any solid core in the middle but i has pure electricy flowing in the middle at the side of the object. then after a few seconds my eye focus was felt like zooming to that blue light glass ball. its like an eye glowing with motion electriclty inside it. i can even hear the electricity flowing in the glass ball. i was like a mosquito attracted to that blue light and i cant move like i was hypnotized and paralyze for a few seconds. i was holding my motorcyle clutch just not to engine stall that time before i focus on the object. im only a 50 meters away from the object that time. it was hiding above the tree across the street and beside the powerline post. after the light was no longer focus on me i saw the ufo disc craft move from 45 degrees to 50 degrees angle moving away from me and i saw the bottom of the craft it has a convex shape in the middle and i hear hovering jet engine sound but not too loud i just hear like wind whistling sound. then the object move south east hovering above the trees and ascending up to 200 - 300 meters high with the speed about 30-40kph i followed the object in the main road while looking at my left side. it stop above the magdalena village and just hovering for a few seconds then just a blink of an eye it was gone. its not man made air craft and it has advance technology with a power source of some kind of plasma energy ball electricity. i feel like they where looking something in the ground like searching. i had no time to use my phone aftee i saw the light i feel like stun and cant think to video record of take a photo. i just wanted focusing on it before it disappears. check the cctv recording 18:50:25 there's a flash of lights twice above the tree infront of the village. i was riding a motorcycle honda cbr 250r 2012 model and have a white/black cap. i saw the object 18:50:00 in the cctv time but the correct and accurate time is 18:15 because i have accurate clock in my motorcyle dash.

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