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I had collected my wife from the gym and we were pulling into the drive at exactly 2049 on monday june 17 when we noticed two in number very low and very bright stars/ orbs moving together at a fixed distance from each other.

the sky had just cleared after a period of torrential tropical rain and just low altitude bands of light cloud remained in between brilliant clear dusk sky.

my wife and i immediately looked at each other and said "what the @#$% is that?!"

within a few seconds the left hand orb disappeared as if a light had been switched off. a few seconds longer and the second orb entered a very thin strand of cloud. at which point i started recording, waiting for it to pass through the cloud but it never re appeared.

we drove towards the lights in the car and sate for a while but they never re appeared. the only video i have is during the aftermath when i was waiting for them to re appear but they never did so, sadly, nothing is on it except the sky and our surprised chit chat!

the lights were traveling north east direction roughly and the only plane within 50 miles or so was traveling south from dallas to fort lauderdale as i checked on live flight path.

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