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I was in my backyard with my dog at about 10pm on 5/07/2019. a bright light in the sky had caught my eye. it appeared at first to be a star but then moved erratically in an up and down motion. i had been working on the computer prior to going outside, so i thought at first i may have been experiencing eye strain. i observed the light for about 15 minutes before going back inside. it seemed to move back and forth, as well as up and down, with varying levels of brightness.
at about 1a.M. i went outside to smoke a cigarette and noticed the light was still hovering and there were other bright lights that could be seen around it moving in the same pattern. they separated and each hovered individually, seeming to be stars at first, but a light trail could be seen where they were moving. i went inside and got my husband (who grew up near a large nc air force base and was familiar with aircrafts) and my mother whom was staying with us. both of them also saw the lights moving and could not identify what they were. my mother then noticed the main light i had observed (and seemed to be the brightest) had a green and red blinking light that was very faint. we observed the lights for approximately 30 minutes before we went back inside but could never determine what they were.

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