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I woke up at 3am got dressed and went outside to have a smoke. i had the yellow outside light on. i sat down in my chair next to the door and i was facing west,i looked up above the tree line and i saw a red line in the sky no sound,not moving for about a minute.Then the the red line was moving from right to left, this was about 20 sec when i started seeing a white line coming into view.As it kept getting bigger i saw a being looking at me (just like they show on tv ) then i saw a second being next to the first one looking at me about 10 sec. then i saw a arm reach in and faster than you could blink a eye it moved south and i just sat there for the next minute blinking my eyes at how fast the light was gone and they were gone.I know what i saw and it was real, this is my third time i saw a ufo but the first for seeing a being.

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