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At 12:12 tonight while doing some back yard astronomy i saw a cluster of star like objects moving incredibly quickly across southern cygnus then south of lyra before i lost them behind the trees. they were in a hockey stick shape with the bend of the "stick" leading the pack. one object was at the bend with one or two objects on the shorter side and 3 or 4 objects on the longer side. the objects were moving incredibly quickly. i estimate they would be able to go from horizon to horizon in about 6 seconds. the objects were the colour of stars, a pale bluish white. the objects maintained constant brightness for the duration of the time i saw them. they did not flare and fade out the way meteors do. additionally, the configuration of them was rapidly changing, with some objects speeding up and overtaking the others during the brief time i saw them. they were about magnitude 3 in brightness. there was no trail left by them, and no sound was heard.

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