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In the late 70's i was in high school and out running one night as i was staying in shape for the upcoming football season. near the end of my jog i was walking across the main road to my parents driveway when something felt very odd, like static electricity or as if you knew you were being watched. when i looked directly over top of my parents house from the street the entire yard was covered by a massive arrowhead shaped slowly moving two story aircraft it was only moving maybe a few miles an hour and i could not understand how something so massive could stay in the air, no sound whatsoever. i could see it clearly and can still picture this as if it was yesterday. it was a two story aircraft, you could see every detail on the craft. as it was directly over the west edge of our families property it pivoted and faced south and moved around 100 yards down a ditch line and stopped. i was scared to death, and now that the ship was not over my parents house i ran in to the house. my mother was in there with several friends. they asked me what happened as i was said to be white as a ghost or looked in shock. i told them what happened and what was over the house… my mother laughed it off, would not go outside and look. the next day she got ahold of me and said, you must have seen something. the ladies at leaving the church last night, to the south of our house, said they saw a large object over the road moving slowly south in front of their car…Then it suddent disappeared. this was a two story, or two floor ship. the entire outer skin was a smooth dark gray metal looking cover with no seams, but there was shading on it as if it was weathered. in the back there were two levels with a white milky glass and you could see the shapes of people several on the top "deck" and one was walking across the bottom section. the entire back end of the aircraft was this milky white glass, so you could only see the shadow outlines. you could tell that those in the shadows were not of standard height, quite a bit shorter but propostionate. there's more to the story but i'll keep that. i had sketched this after it happened but will be taking the time to draw something much more detailed.

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