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UFO Sighting in Erie, Michigan on 2018-10-31 19:45:00 - Lights in tandom dimmed turned off then turned on
Driving down the road and saw two extremely bright lights north west of erie michigan that were very close to eachother moving eratically, lights then faded until they disappeared, about 30
to 45 seconds later the lights came back on and backwards dimmed would be
the best word i could describe. they dimmed from very very low brightness to extremely bright where they were radiating and reflecting light with streaks
coming off of them it was brighter than anything i've ever seen before. the
lights then we're stationary and completely disappeared like they were turned off . after the lights disappeared 3 fighterjets we're flying at a
rapid speed and making maneuvers in a zigzag motion. i've seen this motion before numerous times since i was in airforce for eight and a half years and very familiar with aircraft,, all three aircraft were doing maneuvers in the shape of a z pattern, like they were looking for something

UFO Sighting in Detroit, Michigan on 2018-01-15 22:30:00 - Pulled inside gate of apartment complex and saw a large reddish light coming toward witness.
This case was received by this fi by email from chief investigator daniel snow as a result of a google voicemail (9/26/18 @ 1:54 pm).
synopsis of info about sighting as a result phone conversation with witness 10/3/18 around 6 pm.
he was in his car, having just come through the security gate of apartment complex, gate had been opened by the security guard stationed there.
to his left he saw a large reddish-orange light coming in his direction.
he was startled, and pulled into the first lane to his left.
the "object" was silent and had 4 balls of light in a straight line.
it was "going real slow".
he said he then closed his eyes and said "in his mind"----"can you hear me". then he opened his eyes and saw that the second "ball" from the front pulled out to the side and went over him into the distance.
(each "ball" appeared to be the size of a small suv.
everything around him was very quiet; he could see no one around; he could hear no traffic noise. when it passed over his head, it seemed to be higher than the height of two tall trees. the reddish-orange "balls" moved toward the east in "perfect formation".
he said he knew about mufon and decided he should make a report (he's heard about mufon on ancient aliens and other such tv shows.
ever since this sighting in january, he has trouble sleeping, and no longer has dreams; also, "about a week ago" he thought his wife got up to the bathroom 2 times, but instead of going into the bathroom, he said he saw a shadowy figure going into the walk-in closet. he said he didn't think it was hos wife because she moves with more difficulty than this "shadowy figure" did. he's tried to forget about it, but the memory keeps coming back. (he never told his wife about the january sighting.)
this gentleman has past expertise in observation as he was a signal corpsman in the infantry in vietnam. he also often goes over to selfridge af base to watch aircraft.
he said that since the sighting, "things don't seem the same".
when i told him about our mimufon organization here in michigan, he expressed interest and said he plans to try to get to the 11/4/18 meeting.
i explained how he can access info about the group on mimufon.Org..

chief investigator daniel snow directed me to enter this new case info on the cms. ----------judith kulka, fi

UFO Sighting in Puente Alto, Región Metropolitana on 2018-11-01 14:30:00 - Bright lights of red and blue colors floating and heading sauth
Bright lights of red and blue colors floating and heading sauth

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