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At a time between 0030-0100 i saw a white/gray flat object pass over frisco, tx. heading north towards prosper, tx.

the best way i can describe it is as follows –

it was white/gray in color, had no apparent lights, and made no sound. almost like it was in a "stealth" mode. it was nearly the same color as the night sky, and if you were to see it and look away, you may struggle to relocate it. once i saw it i immediately got up from my patio chair and stared at it until it faded into the darkness, once again traveling north. the sighting lasted at most 10-15 seconds. i was so unsure of what i was seeing that i didn't think to grab my phone to get a picture. in hindsight, i doubt my phone would have been able to pick up the outline of the ufo.

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