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UFO Sighting in Furbo, County Clare on 2018-11-25 20:15:00 - 3 miles away, i observed from my car a bright white light descending from cloud cover, once closer the object emitted different colour lights and passed overhead silently but fast and then began emitting white light again.
At around 8 15 on a sunday night in barna, galway, i was with my father in his car on the way to his house out past the city and in the countryside area when we both saw something below the clouds move around very fast in the distance that was between 3 and 4 miles away. it was at first was hovering in one place before moving downwards and across our line of sight. it was unusual due to its brilliant white light and it's rapid descent from cloud cover as we approached it. we both remarked how bizarre it was behaving and how it looked.

as we approached it's location in the car, i observed that it moved strangely, initially thinking it was a passenger plane but my father saying it's a satellite before saying it's something else entirely . it then paused its flight path and moved the opposite direction. since we were on a coast road, this meant it was now moving quickly towards the ocean bay rather than its intial path inland. it's altitude remained just below the clouds with short moments of dropping lower.

once we reached a beach side car park we pulled in to get a better look at it, at which point the flying object began moving side to side flashing for a few seconds a red light and then a green light intermittently. it moved quick and i could see it was still quite far away, about half a mile, indicating to me that it was in fact quite large and around the size of a passenger plane. it was pitch dark at this point with no rain and little wind and it was night time so its flashing colours were clear to see even at that height among the clouds. unfortunately i couldn't make out the shape of the object in the dark night sky.

we watched it move back and forth to our left and right vantage until it turned at a sharp 90° angle and began moving towards our direction. i watched the green flashing light turn into a flashing red at this point as it moved quickly directly over our heads, occasionally being obscured by the belly of the cloud above.

it moved far faster than a passenger plane certainly and was utterly silent while moving over us. this was shocking as i was used to air traffic in the area such as planes and helicopters being very audible. it then turned off its red lights, of which i could see there were two of, and travelled down the coast towards the direction in which we came. as we turned around i was able to briefly film it as it suddenly switched back on its original bright white light. this light was like a huge spotlight in the sky, it was very strong and visible. it seemed to hover for a few moments and lower in altitude until it moved further down the coastline direction and quickly disappeared from sight.

my father made the observation that it had travelled probably 10+ miles in that time frame and that the light must have been very powerful to have been still visible. it moved more inland rather than out to sea and probably didn't get to the city near by but instead was moving more towards the rest of the country side.

with regard to our reactions, the turning point was really when it began flashing lights. we were both transfixed and as it turned towards us and passed overhead, i had a chill down my spine knowing i was wutnessing a technology id never seen before being displayed. it moved not unlike a bird in that it turned and flew in all directions very easily and with grace, all without making a single sound. this being a large aircraft made it awe inspiring thing to look at. when it then turned back on its full white light in the distance, the effect was unnerving in that i'd never seen a light so bright come from one vehicle.I felt like i had a spotlight focused on me it was so piercing and white.

afterwards we discussed it and confirmed with each other than it was nothing we'd ever seen before. neither of us believed it was a drone, plane, balloon, helicoptor or anything like that. it was something very swift and unusual, with erratic flight paths and great speed, control and flying capabilities compared to normal commercial aircraft or even military aircraft that i've observed. it is fair to say that i also experienced a great deal of adrenaline watching it pass overhead. many of my doubts about it being a ufo went away as we approached it, it was clearly a very unusual sight to anyone watching.

UFO Sighting in San Angelo, Texas on 2015-12-28 02:00:00 - Went outside to take a picture of the snow and captured the ufo in the picture.
Went outside to take a picture of the snow and captured the ufo in the picture.

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