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On october 19,2019, at approximately 5:20pm as i stepped out on my deck i noticed a aircraft type object heading from a southwest direction straight and level northbound. what drew my attention was the shape of the front wings which were angled inward not straight across like a aircraft. also the object had two bright headlights on the front wings. i did not see any strobe avoidance lights flashing on each wing as a aircraft would have. the other strange thing what really drew my attention was absolutely no souls was coming from this the whole time i observed it as it passed over my house. i immediately went and grabbed my ipad and pulled up flight radar24 and clicked on the object i seeing that just passed over my house and the strangest thing was everything about the aircraft/object was saying n/a except for the attitude. i can say since i have a pilots license the object was pretty large. why was their no sound!

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