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I can see these lights on almost any night when it's clear. i have multiple videos. i don't know where to start but there is one star-like ufo that's always there, in a northwest direction from my house. it is not in this video, even though i could see it with the naked eye (and my camera was pointed right at it), it didn't appear on my cell phone video... which is odd...

the main light changes color and pulses, sometimes it also appears to move but it's hard to tell. twice i have seen red streaks of light going into it and disappearing but haven't been able to film it.

i have seen this star light during the day, and stars don't come out during the day.... so.... i was very excited to see it, i actually started crying because it was so stunning. i was driving and by the time i stopped it was gone. the star light is beautiful and i feel really happy, euphoric even, when i see it (especially the day time sighting). i actually feel quite sad that i only saw it once during the day...
the lights are not scary but seem to be trying to communicate telepathically (i know that sounds crazy). and so this is some of what i have gotten from them "telepathically." and i am sharing this at the risk of sounding like a nut bag so here goes:
they are peaceful creatures that are afraid and sad for both humans and our planet. we don't have an ability to hurt them because they are so much more advanced than us, so as long as they stay in the sky they are safe. they have been up there for a long time watching and waiting for humans to be ready to accept their help. they live for a really long time so time means nothing to them, or, our concept of time is very different from their's-- they are remarkably patient. and they aren't the only types of aliens out there but they are like our cosmic cousins, if that makes sense.
anyway, hope you enjoy the video, i will keep trying to capture the "mothership" or whatever it is?
by the way, the lights appear as quick flashes towards the top of the screen. about halfway through the video my cat jumped up on me and the camera moves (oops), you can see some really bright lights at the bottom of the screen but those are just street lamps...

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