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One afternoon i was traveling west toward northeast alabama from northwest georgia. i look toward the mountains to my right and noticed this three cigar shaped objects slowly moving northeast toward the mountains. to get i better view i stopped my car and got out to see more clearly. i sat on the fender of my car and the objects slowly move across the sky. the three objects were a light color almost a really light grey on the the top half but the bottom half of the the object were glowing off and on. no other color light or lights. the objects were really easy to see. it was in the late afternoon. the sun was below the trees but not below the horizon which made perfect lighting for viewing clearly. there was no sun reflection on the objects. after a few minutes i notice these orbs flying between and around the three cigar shaped objects. the cigar shape objects were in a pyramid shaped pattern. one above with two below with enough separation for the orbs to move between them. the orbs were round and looked almost vapor like. the orbs swirled around with a pattern i described like the yeng and yang emblem black and white pattern. the orbs moved very quickly shooting in and out between the three objects. at first there was just one orb, then two , then three. there was ,i estimate, about six or seven in total. the orbs were only visible when they were in close proximity of the three objects. when the orbs moved away from the cigar shaped objects the would disappear. i observed for a bout twenty minutes hoping another car would pass by and stop so i would have another witness. but another car never passed. i finally got back in my car and drove off while the objects were still slowly moving toward the mountain. i haven’t told but a few people over the years because i didn’t expect anyone to believe me anyway. but everybody knows i’m not the type of person to make thing up.

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