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UFO Sighting in Godley, Texas on 2008-08-28 22:30:00 - 4 or more sightings that resulted in one very up close sighting + entities in dreams revealing knowledge
Ten years ago, something happened to me that has forever changed my life and is now still difficult for me to come forward with. i was twelve at the time living in a rural part of texas. strange lights were an everyday occurrence that every one in town secretly admitted to witnessing. i became so fascinated by them, i would stare out of my bedroom window every night waiting to see a light show. sometimes, my family and i would go outside and watch together, theorizing what they might be. a plane cant move that fast, stop, change direction, and move up and down vertically before coming to a complete stall! like clockwork, (this happened almost nightly) planes would come in groups of 3 or more and follow the lights. the planes were loud and obvious while the lights were silent...Seamless in their movement. it was captivating

over time, things started to change in my yard. the most noticeable being the random flock of birds that would fill our yard like a sea of black. i have to admit, it reminds me a lot of the movie dark skies (if you've seen that movie), just minus all the birds being dead. they were alive and well and somehow only wanted to be in our yard and on our house. the clouds did weird things over our house too. maybe it was just our imagination at that point, but it was something my whole family witnessed.

it finally came to a point of utter realization of the situation i was in on one particular night. my nightly window watching became my first accidental introduction into meditation. i would go into a deep trance while i watched the lights and the planes in the sky. i liked the way it felt to not think, so i kept doing it- completely innocent of seeing some hippie mantra bull online or whatever. i didn't know it had a name, it just felt right. but one night, my meditation was interrupted by a noise that i can only say resembled the sound you would make as traced your finger around the tip of the glass. i had an intense urger to peak out the window, where i suspected the sound was coming from.

unfortunately, i saw something incredible but can only be described as stereotypical to even the simplest imagination. it was a gray disk, almost hollywood-looking ufo hovering above my house at the distance of roughly a football field above. what really struck me about the sighting, though, wasn't this "other-worldly" masterpiece of technology, but something almost man-made. the underbelly of the disk housed a revolving red light. i mean it looked like a light you would see on regular aircraft. although what i saw was impossible, it also seemed way to realistic to be anything other
than a man made craft.

in that moment, being so young and well...Human, i panicked. i dropped the window with body safely inside. i ran to my mom and told her what i saw. we went outside together and there was nothing left in the sky. i was haunted by the fact i couldn't prove it and certainly couldn't understand it. after that, other instances like the one described happened. i was frightened all the time, but also in an odd state of blissful wonder.

i started having dreams where i woke up inside of a metal room. there were two scientists in the room- a man and a woman. they felt so warm and light. i trusted them. in the dreams, they would show me pictures, and then i would wake up. i kept a journal by my side of what came to mind. as a 12 year old girl who was previously failing basic algebra, the things i wrote in my journal were later on found out to be basic descriptions of advanced quantum mechanics theories. i can't explain if my imaginative capacity increased from witnessing something i couldn't explain, or if there's more to those dreams i had.

as of today, i'm left wondering, but am now making a career out of it. if i got anything out of my crazy year in that small texas town, it was my new lifelong passion for curiosity. i'm studying theoretical physics in university now and i hope to think of something that one day helps me understand it better.

UFO Sighting in Delaware on 2018-11-22 17:16:00 - Mib come find me
Mib come find me

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