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UFO Sighting in Gulf Breeze, Florida on 2018-09-11 13:23:00 - Two objects flying high rate of speed diappear
I was heading west on hwy 98 through naval live oaks area going into gulf breeze. it was early afternoon and the sky was clear other than one small cloud in the nw that was shaped like a dolphin. i was looking at this cloud when my peripheral vision picked up on movement in the sw sky. i turned to look and 2 small reflective objects appeared to be jockeying for position at a very high rate of speed. neither object left any kind of trail. one object was passed and was behind some distance when suddenly it accelerated and caught up to the other one and then poof, they were gone. disappeared into thin air. i pulled over at the gulf breeze hospital to scan the sky and saw nothing.
all this happened in a span of 5 seconds.

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