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I am reporting this approx 27 years after seeing it. this is because i had no idea where to report this?. there was no internet access for me back then, and being a teenager i didn't have a clue as to whom to report it to.
i was outside in my parent's backyard with my sister that night to watch a meteor shower for the first time. after watching this for about an hour we decided to go back into the house. as i was nearing the door i looked up once more to the sky. i saw, flying very low over the house, a chevron shaped craft. it looked like it had lights along the bottom though i did not see actual light. the object had a solid outline but appeared 'cloaked'. almost translucent. it was moving in a straight direction then seemd to dip down slightly and disappear. my very first thought was this could not be man made. i still believe this as i have seen no evidence that humans have the ability to cloak a craft and to disappear that fast.My sister was not looking at the time and did not see it.

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