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Filled information feilds for 1 event. have had 4 similiar events in past. lights moving in very unconventional ways. 2 weeks prior to above event , me and the wife 3 objects at a distance while night fishing. moving horizontal quickly. back objects did 90 degree turn and zipped away. the other 2 followed right after in same direction and manner.
above incident. we were star watching. had 3 bright stars a little above horizon over the water. was there for at least an hour. i finally ked the wife,, what constellation is that? right at that moment the bottom light zipped off to the right at a high rate of speed. to the right and further out to sea, same or slightly higher elevation. another blight moved ay a 45 degree angle to the left. medium speed. parked below another star and started putting on a light show. flashing red green yellow blue. light intensity increased some . went on for about 5 minutes . then light went back to white and just looked like a bright star. we watched for at least 2 hours. never moved. we wanted to see it move again but was getting late and we had an hours drive to get home so we left. if we did not see it move there we would just have thought it was a star just like i thought they were stars when we first saw them prior to them moving.
had 2 other sightings , look like lights in space then making sharp turns or zig zagging . not sure if its the norm but when chatting with people on the subject i found that 25 percent of people have seen similiar lights moving in unconventional ways. only met one person in high school that claimed to have seen a landed craft.

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