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UFO Sighting in Hugo, Oklahoma on 2018-10-24 00:00:00 - Husband noticed large rectangualr objects in sky then ascend
My husband came into our room and told me to come see the "ufo's" outside. we have witnessed many drones in the area before, but these were different. they were at a slightly askew angle tilted to the left and huge. the lights were non-blinking or pulsing and did not change in color. a whitish/gold tone. they (five in total) then dispersed to different portions of the eastern sky, at different heights and remain hovering, soundless and motionless. this was witnessed for approximately 30-40 minutes before my husband and i became too uncomfortable to continue to watch. this was truly unsettling to both of us, but mostly to him, as i have had a previous event some years ago in mena, ar that was (what i felt to be) more frightening. he (my husband) wishes to remain out of the report. i immediately began my report to your organization. i'm looking for confirmation that others may have witnessed the same events.

UFO Sighting in Santa Ana, California on 2018-10-23 21:53:00 - Binoculars looking at moon, black round object moving slowly to the right above the moon to sw.
Near segerstrom high school in santa ana (alton and raitt), looking at moon with binoculars at around 9:53pm 10/23/18,noticed a dark round object moving slowly to the right above the moon slightly in a sw direction. very slight high clouds sparsely around the moon highlighted the object, so it apears to be below the high cloud layer. but very quickly the object was no longer visible due to the black sky and lack of clouds in the back ground.
very interesting.

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