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UFO Stalker
UFO Sighting in Indio, California on 2018-10-23 22:15:00 - Elliptical shape. green blue glow from center dimming to gray at its perimeter. fast and no sound.
We were out walking our dogs and stopped to look up to find orion constillation and both at the same moment noticed to the nw (our left) an elliptical shape moving in a linear manner. no sound whatsoever and not directly above us but at abt our 11 o'clock. a dimmish green and blue glow was coming from two areas in its center and the glow decreased to the outer edges making the shape have a dim gray glow inside its outer perimeter. it moved very fast in a direct line to the se until out of sight. way too large to be a drone plus no sound and the lighting was very unusual.

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