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I was having a bbq on the night of the incident. my fiances friend came over with her kids. we were in the backyard around the fire pit, i was bbqing n gotten up to go in the house to get hamburger buns, as i was walking up the back steps facing north, i just happened to turn my head to the left(west) and immediately seen a very bright reddish orange orb of light. i stopped and observed it for a moment and noticed it was actually moving towards me in an almost perfect straight line, slowly moving closer and closer. it was about 30 feet above the tree tops from my perspective and roughly over 500 feet away, maybe further. i shouted out to my fiances friend who was also outside, to look at what i am seeing. she looked and said "thats a plane" i said "no way thats a plane! look at it!" then she looked closer and said "wait...What...Wtf is that?!" i just turned to her and smiled as i see many sightings in my area but am reporting this sighting because it seemed more significant than some of the others. but we watched this orb come closer n closer in a slow steady approach, i first noticed it about a mile away, give or take, but after watching it for few moments it had eventually gotten closer, i grabbed my binoculars and looked at the object and still looked like a bright reddish orange ball of light, no structure, no appendages, no wings or anything. it kept coming closer and closer at this slow rate of speed when all a sudden without warning it shot up into the sky at a very high rate of speed, but still towards us. basically it got to about within 500 feet from us when from where it was, it rapidly ascended at about a 75/80â° angle heading east. so basically i seen an red orange ball of light slowly making its way over to me, just above the tree tops, steady slow speed, then it got to a certain point n just blasted up at an angle into the sky, we literally seen this object ascend into the sky til it became a speck n disappeared. from the moment it started its aacent til it was gone from view took about 1 second. the most amazing aspect of this particular sighting was the sudden ascent and the sheer speed in which it accelerated, or rather lack of acceleration, like zero to hundred instantly. figure of speech as it was doing well over 100mph. it made no noise. my fiances friend sammy witnessed the event also. i am a amateur ufologist myself, spend alot of time looking up at the sky, i have an airport behind the state park behind my house. my grandfather was in the army air corps. i know what a plane looks like, their light formations. i see dozens a day. this was no plane. i witness many sightings but dont report them but this one seemed important. unfortunately as i wasnt skywatching that particular night, i didn't have my infrared camcorders n night vision devices n all my equipment out so i wasnt able to get it on film. though this object was more than bright enough to have captured it on my cellphone, it happened so quick and was so attention grabbing it completely slipped my mind. i will do my best to be better prepared for the next incident. also i have witnessed this same ufo in hechsher state park about 7 years ago, me and a friend were at the beach n both witnessed this same ufo, a largish red orange ball of light floating just above the tree tops just hovering along as if it was completely normal. we tried to chase it but lost it due to the roads not going the way the orb did. any additional questions, feel free to contact me.

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