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Wife and i were enjoying a romantic evening in our boat at night on 9.22.19 at approximately 8:10pm, we were looking at the moonless and cloudless night sky and were amazed at the number of stars we could see. the bow of the boat was facing north and we were laying looking south when my wife asked what the blinding light was in the sky. obviously, it was plane and then we saw another plane, then i commented on the satellite we saw higher up in the sky and told her how different it looked than the plane and then as we sat there two objects appeared about midway in the night sky from were the satellite was and where the plane was. one object proceeded to head south in a straight line across the sky in what ungodly fast wobbling speed compared to anything else in the sky, but just as the object flew south the other object started to go north and stopped in the night sky and then changed directions towards the east. i and my wife were truly dumbfounded in what we just witnessed as it seemed totally unconventional that any aircraft could have that type of speed and could stop in mid air and change directions at the snap of a finger. totally mid blowing and i thought i should share what we just witnessed.

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