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Encounter info

on thursday june 13th and monday, june 17th i observed 8 to 10 transparent kidney shaped transparent rods.

on the 13th i noticed them as they crossed w. 74th st on a southeast heading at an altitude of 20 ft. i only noticed them when they were in front of foliage and or houses. they became invisible when they were not silhouetted against foliage or roofs etc.. heading on the 17th was west to east.

they were silent in their transit. they appeared flexible. they were deliberate in their flight on both dates.

flight speed on june 13th was 5mph. on the 17th flight speed was 25mph. the smaller rods paralleled each larger craft on either side as if they were serving as their escort on both dates.

the smaller craft change direction and altitude but returned to their apparent escort roles at the side of the larger crafts.

june 17th flight path took the formation over power lines on an utility easement. to the west is a 50+ ft cell tower which was in direct line with the formations flight path.

size of craft: small craft were 3-5cm in length, kidney shaped with rounded ends; larger craft were 1ft to 2ft in length, kidney shaped with rounded ends.

all craft were silent.

time of sightings: june 13th 9:00 a.M. cdt;
june 17th 7:22 pm. cdt.

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