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We live in katy in the vicinity of stockdick road. last thursday night i was outside about 9pm (letting the dog out) and i saw it.Saying it is rather accurate because it could be a government craft, but it was weird. i called my wife out and she saw it too, and we agreed on what we saw.

it was an absolutely square craft at approximately 1000-1500 feet. it was still large to use at that height, say the size of a nickel held in your fingers. that would be the area this craft covered. it had lights that were yellowish-white at all four points, with one blinking red light positioned halfway between the points on what i guess would be the right side forward. it came in from w-sw and moved over us taking a more northerly route. we watched it over the houses until it disappeared, and it seemed to be veering more easterly.

the lights are why i am unsure. it was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, completely square. it made no noise, and you can hear faint jet or engine noises overhead from conventional aircraft when standing outside. it had no markings, and didn't seem to rotate, but it did kind of "sway" in the sky as it moved along it's path. we saw no windows or markings. it was very large. it was square. there was no tail to the craft. best i can say is if you took an antonoc-124 and put lights at the tip of the nose, end of the tail/fuselage and at the tips of both wings, you have the shape. add a string around the outer points to make it square. halfway between the nose and the right tip of the wing would be a flashing red light. that would be it, except for the fact it was a square. absolutely square, no doubt about it. we were ablse to discern maybe a dull gray lower surface, maybe paneled, but the area inside the lights was pretty fuzzy. which is odd because we could see the craft, we could see the outline definition, but it got "hazier" as you moved towards the center. but it wasn't really "viewable" otherwise. also, no evidence of any propulsion system. no noise, no contrails (too low i know), no engines to be seen.

there were aircraft in the area, say within 10-15 miles but none close to this object. we have never seen a plane or chopper take this route in the seven years we have been here. (not saying they don't, i can't speak to that) i know the lights make it seem like a plane but i can assure you that is no plane, or prototype, i have ever been aware of.

still don't know what that was.

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