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At the tail end of a bunch of thunder and lighting storms in the area, i walked outside, at approx. 12:30-12:40 am on wednesday, july 24th, 2019. i could see the residual storm clouds, but to the south, in the darkness between the clouds i noticed that i could not see a large star that i normally see there. i started looking around and then upward. i noticed what i thought at first was a star. i saw quickly that it was noticeably not stationary, then i noticed another one, very near to it was moving in the same direction and pace. i started to look more closely at the dark areas between the clouds and i could see that there were hundreds of them. some brighter/closer, some farther away but moving together, in large groups (not all were moving as one body). some were moving at the same speed with the same space between them, in a spread out line, as in a scanning type of mode. others groups were set up the same way but in different directions. it was like a moving grid in the sky. some of the brighter ones were slowly ducking in and out of the clouds. this went on for over 45 minutes. after about an hour i noticed that all of them (far and close) were traveling the same pattern southward. as this was happening we noticed several of the closer orbs stop and sit in a stationary mode while the others were moving southward. in one area nearby there were 3 of them, one slightly higher than the other two that flanked. they were there for at least another half hour to 45 mins., when i went in for the night. i tried to film, several times with my cell phone and then with my kindle and nothing but black shows up. it was very clear to the naked eye though.

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