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UFO Sighting in Knowlton , Wisconsin on 2018-11-27 15:45:00 - Appeared flash then steady moved up down cast light then dissapeared
The orb appeared as flash of light zig zag side to side one showed image inside then went down to 3 to 5 ft off ground cast light on pine plantation ground pine floor when up tree top back down dissapeared black helicopter thing showed up after helicopter left it got dark then it showed back up i and 2 others were there third person did not see event was looking same direction said did not see a thing next night drempt of a ship phasing through objects i woke up and was wringing of sweat and scared out of my fucking mind what are these damb things i'm seeing more and more events i am not lying about any of this i have a witness i and my friend were deer hunting all sounds of animals quit all of the sudden

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