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What i have are the most amazing unbelievable photos anybody will ever see in their entire life of an extraterrestrial ascending to a spacecraft with a mothership in the background. i insist on these photos to be looked at by a professional i am too scared to send them these are freaking unbelievable. they're going to blow the ufo community as well as the world away!!!!! please please please send somebody. i have shown these photos to some people and they have stood up and walk out of my house scared to death that's how amazing these are. i have 7 pictures i will only send one because i am too scared to send any more. you must send somebody to see these photos i have they are the most mind-blowing things ever in the history of extraterrestrial pictures taken suck all the other ones these are original and mind-blowing. i swear to god on my life my grandkids my daughter god jesus and you everything of higher power that what i am saying and what i have is 100% true with no lies

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