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the date may not be exact, because i originally was not going to report it, around that date i was outside near my residence and was star gazing, and looking at the moon which was about 35 to 40 degree angle up. i had just refocused the 10×50 nikons from star constellations to the moon which was very clear and as best i can remember just past half phase. i was just about to lower them and go inside my residence when suddenly these 6 objects that were in a very tight formation (like jets would fly during stunts, )were qiickly into my field of view on the lower portion less than half way down from the moon angle 20deg? and moving silently and not extremely fast, but i tried to engage my hearing to match the movement, but they was no sound whatever ( this with very low white noise background at this time) i followed them with the glass exactly due noth for the 3-4 seconds, unfortunately i did not have the time or skill to immediately refocus the glass from the moon setting, but my brain was telling my eyes to look for wing movement as they might be some type of birds, but the strange thing is i saw no wing movement, and even with the somewhat hazing view there form and outline was strange due to thickness in middle area of all, and there seem to have lineal lines in that center area almost linke an octagon shape. yet with no lighting on them they were not black against the sky but muted like a dark rust color. just at the end of my seconds of obeservation, trees and condo roofs to my north, i observed the upper two front objects arc in a slight loop to the west away from the others in perfect unison and i lost sight of all.

of course i wish i could have had the where for to refocus but i was actually stunned, and excited and knew if i tried i would loose them altogether with even a slight movement. the reason i felt like reporting it was i researched orinthology books and sights to eliminate to my own satisfaction, ok maye some type bird?, but at darkness and in that formation i could find nothing, and so i kept checking your sights for other reports – nothing that i could find around that time , and the last thing was that had i not been looking up with binoculars there is probably no way i would seen sliver across my view.

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