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They looked like two white sideways discs, same size and length, hovering up in the sky. high enough that we thought they were just weird cloud patterns but they looked very solid and were the only two things in that entire part of the sky. then they seemed to be descending (almost spinning?) towards us but they never got bigger as most things do when they move towards you. they seemed to be moving downwards, like if i flung a disc at someone vertically instead of like a frisbee. we observed these through our windshield, we were parked outside a gas station in the lonelier parts of the town for a few hours, and then the person with me looked up and noticed them. they brushed it off but i kept checking and after about an hour (after we had first noticed them) we had to go so i didn't get a chance to see if anything else happened. it was just a weird observation, no audio or lights or anything but i didn't know what to make of it

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